SSH with Windows and Mac

SSH with Windows

SSH requires a software in a Windows environment. One that we like is Putty. You can download it for free here:

Run through the installation and execute the program.

For the hostname, you need to enter in your domain name or it’s IP address. Make sure it’s on port 22 and SSH is radioed in. Then at the bottom, click on Open to connect.


Once connected, you’ll need to provide the user credentials to access the server. Username typically is root. Password is the password what was generated when the OS was created. Enter in “root” for the username and then hit enter. It will then prompt for the password. A successful login will bring you to the command.


SSH with a Mac

To access the Terminal software, you can type terminal in the search field at the top right. It’s also in the application folder.

Once the terminal opens up, type the following command to access the server

# ssh

Root is the username. Mydomain should be replaced with your domain. Press enter to establish a connection to the server. An error message will pop up with regars to an SSL cert if the server does not have one installed. This is normal. You want to accept and proceed. The following line will request for a password. Enter in your root password and press enter. A successful login will show you something like this

root@servername [~] #

meaning you’re connected and it’s ready to take commands from you.

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