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1U Server Colocation

What You Get with Syncrohost 1U Colocation Specialist

In today’s connected world, every business should have a backup plan for their data infrastructure. Any amount of downtime could cost you thousands. With our Colo plan, your server will be up in no time and ready for critical data backup.
Syncrohost Servers are housed in data center facilities in disaster safe locations with low disaster risk profiles giving your colocated infrastructure the best opportunity to avoid downtime due to natural disasters.
Located in disaster safe geography
We specifically house our servers in locations that are away from natural disasters. Our location are away from the zones listed below and is located above sea level.

• Extreme heat or cold temperature
• Earthquake
• Flood
• Hurricane
• Tornados
• High Winds

We specializes in 1U server colocations but if you need ¼ to ½ to a full cabinet, we do that too! Just send us your requirement and we’ll get you a quote. Here's whats included with the 1U Colo plan:

• 1U Server space
• 1 Power Connection
• 1 Amp of power
• 100Mbps bandwidth unmetered
• Remote Support
• 1IPv4 address
• Highly Secure and Redundant Data Network
• Redundant N+1 infrastructure
• Multiple Tier 1 network carriers

When shipping in your server, please include the Server rails to avoid additional charges and delays.
1 Year minimum commitment required.

Total price: